Top Places to Take Your Dog in the UK

Dog Holidays UK | Pet Toys | Dog Toys | Organic Dog Toys | Natural Rubber Dog ToysAre you thinking of taking your four legged friend on holiday? Our Blog has the top places to take your dog in the UK. Don't forget their favourite Pet Toy

Jungle Experiences with Kids in the UK

Jungle Experiences with Kids in the UK | Organic Toys | Jungle ToysJungle Experiences with Kids in the UK can be a unique learning experience. whether that is visiting a Zoo or playing games with our Organic Wild Animal Toys. Read more in our Toy Blog

New Games for the Park with Your Dog – fun for you and them

Organic Pet Toys | New Games for the Park with your Dog | Green Dog ToysCreating great new games for your dog is not only fun for your pet pooch but also good for them. As with humans, variety is the spice of life! There are plenty of things you can teach your dog and exciting ways to engage when out for a stroll in the park.

The Best Books on Eco-Friendly Green Living for You and Your Family

Organic Toys | Green Toys | Eco Friendly Toys | Green Living Books | Many of us want to live a more sustainable and greener life. Whether that’s making sure we recycle, choose a utility supplier that sources from renewable technologies or creating space to promote wildlife in our gardens. The good news is that there are some great books out there which can help you do just that and give you some new ideas in the process.

How Chew Toys Help Your Dog’s Teeth Stay Healthy

Organic Pet Toys | Organic Dog Chews | Natural Rubber Pet Toys | Natural Rubber Pet ChewsKeeping pooch in tip top condition is something that most pet owners want. Buying a good quality chew toy can not only give your dog hours of fun, it can also be beneficial to their dental health. Apart from that it can relieve boredom, especially when you have left for work and your dog is on its own.

Things You Never Knew Were Harmful to Dogs!

Things you never knew were harmful to dogs | Organic Pet Toys | Dog Blog |There’s always the temptation to treat our dogs likely mini-human beings. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that we take for granted which aren’t exactly good for them. If you want to keep your loveable pooch in the best of health, then it’s a good idea to check out the list below.

Going Green - Easy ways to make your family greener for your New Year’s resolution

Going Green for a New Years Resolution Blog | Organic Blog | Going Green BlogYou couldn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve without making some resolutions for the year ahead.  In addition to personal ones, it’s a great time of the year to make some family resolutions that can also save the household some money, notably ‘going green’. 

Christmas Time for Dogs

With the Yuletide festivities fast approaching, many owners are trying to think of thrilling treats and fun things to do with their dogs. Christmas can be just as exciting for our four legged friends and there are plenty of different ways you can get them involved. From involving strange new visitors to your home to Christmas Day presents, if you use a little imagination you can create a canine festive occasion second to none

Creating Christmas traditions with your New Baby

Creating Christmas Traditions with a New Baby | Organic Christmas baby Toys | natural baby toys Welcoming a new baby in to the family is an exciting time, and when baby’s first Christmas arrives, it’s time to create some Christmas traditions with your new baby and generate special memories to last a life time.

Great Games to Play in the Bath with Babies or Toddlers

Bath time is a fun experience for both parents and the little one but it can also be a brilliant time to bond and learn. As your child goes from new-born to toddler, spending a few moments thinking about what to do at bath time can help introduce new and exciting sensory experiences that are key to strong development in those early months and years.
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